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Tamarindo Freediving Club

Weekly Pool Training session - Every Wednesday at 5pm-6:30pm - US$30/month

* 13% VAT is not included in the price

Whether you are a Freediver or a Spearfisher willing to improve your freediving skills, a Surfer willing to gain confidence and tackle bigger waves, or any other water sports enthousiast willing to explore your natural underwater abilities, join our local freediving community and train with us every week in a local semi-olympic pool.


- 14 years of age (under 18 years requires parental consent)

- Be able to swim

- No prior experience with Freediving required

Course content:
- Dry training: Breathing, relaxation and stretching techniques
- Confined Water training: Static and dynamic apnea training


- Highly experienced professional Freediving instructor
- Freediving equipment and Pool fees

- Video analysis and Souvenir Photo/video

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