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Freedive Costa Rica, Gauthier Ghilain

          Gauthier Ghilain, Freediving National Record holder, Freediving/Spearfishing Instructor Trainer and founder of Freedive Costa Rica

Former competitive swimmer in Belgium, worldwide itinerant scuba instructor, he started freediving in 2008 by accident in Venezuela when training to be divemaster. As a crewman, he used to freedive every day with the dive boat anchor to place it on the bottom without damaging the coral. That's how it all started.

It's after several years learning freediving while teaching scuba that he decided to drop the tank to devote himself entirely to his passion and open the first Freediving School in Costa Rica. In love with this green, peaceful and happy little country, he chose Tamarindo for its central position and development, its relaxed beach lifestyle and its proximity to the Catalinas Islands.

Since 2015, Gauthier is involved in International Competitive Freediving. He's now an 80+ meter (260+ ft) Freediver and holds two Belgian National Records in Constant Weight with and without fins.

Freedive Costa Rica, Giada Tommasi

          Giada Tommasi, Office manager, Fitness advisor, cook and Boss's boss

Pole Dance Instructor from Toscany, Italy, Giada has always been a sport addict. She's well known by her students for the most hardcore workout and stretching routines around. When she's not teaching Pole Dance, riding her bike or cooking for her kids, you'll probably find her torturing herself with some new Spartan warrior exercises.

Beside all her activities, she's now helping Gauthier with various administrative, customer service and catering tasks. She's also helping with the design of our freediving dry training routines.

Freedive Costa Rica, Christian Boethius

          Christian "Kike" Boethius, Freediving/Spearfishing Instructor, Underwater Photographer

Christian is a former scuba diving instructor with extensive experience spanning over 6 years. He has worked in various capacities in the diving industry across five different countries. In 2018, Christian undertook the transition to become a certified freediving instructor, completing this training in Switzerland.

His journey into the world of freediving began in 2014 while working as a snorkel guide in Thailand. It was during this time that he fell in love with freediving, and since then, he has continued to explore and refine his skills in this exhilarating underwater discipline.

Christian's passion for ocean life is evident in his dedication to both scuba diving and freediving. He finds his true home in the water, where he can immerse himself in the beauty and wonder of the marine world. His unique combination of skills and experiences makes him a valuable asset to the diving community and a true advocate for the preservation and appreciation of our oceans.

Freedive Costa Rica, Danny Ruiz

          Danny Ruiz ValerinCaptain

Born in Tempate, North Pacific coast, Costa Rica, Danny started driving boats when he was a kid. In love with his job, he claims he couldn't get out of the sea anymore. He's always smiling with "Pura vida" attitude and ready to help with anything. Avid fisherman, fish cook and fish eater, he always has a good advice about how to eat your fish!


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