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Discover Spearfishing Course

If you are brand new to Spearfishing or have a little experience, this Introduction course is for you! You will learn how to use a speargun safely, choosing, stalking and spearing fish, and all the secrets of the sport. Freedive Costa Rica will provide you with the best foundation to get into the sport of Spearfishing. Welcome to the wonderful world of the ocean below!

Discover Spearfishing

Reef Spearfishing Trip

Catalina islands, Brumel islands, Potrero bay, we'll take you to the best dive sites of the area. Cubera Snappers, Amber Jacks, Spanish Mackerels and many more are spotted on a daily basis. Whatever is your spearfishing level, our reef Spearfishing trip provides a lot of fun and plenty of action in waters well-known for their abundance and variety of fishes!

Reef Spearfishing

Blue Water Spearfishing Trip


There is nothing like drifting in the open ocean miles from shore, not knowing if it's a huge school of tunas or Mahi-mahi that is going to swim out of the deep blue! Join our Spearfishing Blue water trip and catch the fish of your dreams!

Blue Water Spearfishing

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