Yoga & Meditation Classes for Freediving

Freediving in Costa Rica, freedive in costa rica

Private Yoga Classes for Freedivers

These Yoga Classes focus on offering a practice that will help any Freediver to perform better. We will work with very deep relaxation tecnhiques, movement efficiency, overal stretching and meditation.

Our practice consists on several movement sequences interlaced with the natural flow of the breath. This practice is progressive, allowing the body to naturally adapt to the postures, avoiding pain, tension and discomfort. During the classes the students will be encouraged to flow through their own organic breathing rythm, to be deeply aware of their body and all it's sensations. These classes have a very meditative and serene quality, allowing the students to relax to a very deep level. After the class you'll feel relaxed and energized, with an incredible sensation of inner-calm.  

Yoga practice focus on establishing a balanced body-mind relationship so to achieve a daily state of physical joy and inner-serenity which leads to an overall happy, fullfiling life. By cultivating a relaxed, healthy physical state rises a relaxed and healthy mental state. Yoga improves physical strengh, flexibility and resistence, freeing the body from tension, pain and stiffness. Through Yoga you'll learn to deeply know and understand your body, develop a perfect posture and move with a high degree of efficiency.


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Freediving in Costa Rica, freedive in costa rica

Private Meditation Classes for Freedivers

We teach in: 


Meditation benefits are now worldwide recognized and overtime more and more used by high-performance athletes. Because the mental aspect is so important to Freediving, every freediving student, teacher and competitor should use it to their benefit. 


Meditation trains the mind to be on the present moment and being in the present moment means to be highly concentrated in any task at hand. Meditation also inoculates stress so that when you are diving you'll feel more relaxed and focused, helping you to lower your heart rate and perform better at your dives.

In these classes we'll use simple meditation techniques that can be learned and sucessfully experienced by everyone. We'll also teach you how-to easily and efficiently introduce Meditation to your daily life, benefiting not only your Freediving training and dives but also all other aspects of your life.  

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