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FREEDIVE COSTA RICA is the First Freediving and Spearfishing School in Costa Rica!


Freediving is for us the most Natural, Intimate, and Pure form of Communion with the Underwater World. We have created this school to share our Expertise and Passion for this fascinating activity with You! 

With our priority on High Quality and Fun, we want to offer you an Unforgettable Underwater Adventure in a Safe and Trustworthy environment. Our Experienced Instructors teach all Freediving and Spearfishing Courses from Beginner to Expert levels with a high degree of Professionalism and Commitment. Our multimedia classroom and dedicated swimming pool will provide you with a relaxed atmosphere to learn and train in and our diving boat will take you out to our favorite dive sites!

FREEDIVE COSTA RICA is based in Tamarindo, a little beach town located on Costa Rica's Northwest Pacific Coast on the Nicoya Peninsula. A long time Mecca for Surfers and blue water Sport Fishermen, Tamarindo, due to its Deep, Clear, Warm and Fish bearing waters offer also Ideal Conditions for Freedivers and Spearfishers. Wonderful Wildlife, Spectacular Beaches, numerous Mangrove Forests and Lagoons will add to your overall experience. Rainforests are just a short ride away, as well as Volcanoes and other aspects of Nature Unique to this region of Costa Rica!

A short boat ride away and considered a must for Scuba Divers, the Catalina Islands are surrounded by pristine water that is often described as being a breathtaking indigo color. These waters are home to an abundant array of marine animals such as Manta Rays, Eagle Rays, Turtles, Sharks but also Humpback Whales, and Spinner Dolphins!

Take a Deep Breath and Let the Adventure Begin!


Gauthier Ghilain, Freedive Costa Rica

         Gauthier Ghilain, Freediving National Record holder, Freediving Instructor Trainer and founder of Freedive Costa Rica

Former competitive swimmer in Belgium, worldwide itinerant scuba instructor, he started freediving in 2008 by accident in Venezuela when training to be divemaster. As a crewman, he used to freedive every day with the dive boat anchor to place it on the bottom without damaging the coral. That's how it all started.


It's after several years learning freediving while teaching scuba that he decided to drop the tank to devote himself entirely to his passion and open the first Freediving School in Costa Rica. In love with this green, peaceful and happy little country, he chose Tamarindo for its central position and development, its relaxed beach lifestyle and its proximity to the Catalinas Islands.


Since 2015, Gauthier is involved in International Competitive Freediving. He's now an 80+ meter (260+ ft) Freediver and holds two Belgian National Records in Constant Weight with and without fins.


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